Did this before and doing again this summer
Ugh this is what I mean
Half the time I think smoking is hot, y’know, the wisps of untouchable mist that spill from the lips, but then again, there’s nothing attractive about the sickness it brings,  the nausea,  the poised and perpetual early calling to the grave, so I’ll pass.
This has gotta be our generation, more so than ever before…
"Self improvement is masturbation… self destruction is the answer"
I was not gonna re blog this, but then I thought ‘oh yeah that’s right, that’s me now’
Love this tune, live this question
Oddly enough, yeah, and I don’t mean that I’m actually sad or depressed, but I just feel like complete shit, it’s transient and all but goddamn.
I don’t know what I’m ‘whatever’ing, but whatever…
Okay this is me in a nutshell right now


Lullaby A short film by Kevin Markwick

So It dawned on me I never posted this. This short film was made in 2007, it’s written and directed by Kevin Markwick (My dad) and stars the brilliant Haydn Gwynne. It’s the story of a woman who’s child was stillborn and her memories of the horrible night. 

I’m always eager to share this with the world because it’s very very important to my dad, to me and to our whole family. I hope you will take the time to watch it and keep some tissues handy. Cheers Guys! 


Well this is crazy because Haydn Gwynne is my mum and she took this role as she felt it resonated with her. I remember practicing these lines with her and all.

I’m with the directors daughter here, watch this guys, it’s superb in it’s writing and a little harrowing.

I suppose

Overdone (Anneka Remix by XXYYXX)

This is the soundtrack to my thoughts whenever I talk to someone I met recently xD This song is so damn seductive.